Audio/Visual Latency Tests

I've recently been toying around with different headset setups for zoom/casual online gaming (with voice) with friends.

As part of this experiment, I decided to try out a pair of true wireless bluetooth earbuds, but was astonished by how terrible the audio latency seemed to be.

In a (failed) attempt to measure the latency, I wrote these two little web "apps":

  1. Proof of bad audio latency - a canvas that flashes red the same time that a sound is played.
  2. Attempt at quantifying the latency - a canvas flashes red, or a sound is played. User hits a button. Response times are recorded.

Note: not sure if either of them work on iOS. Something seems to be broken, but debugging on iOS apparently requires owning a macbook.

With (2), I was hoping that my response time variance would be low enough to effectively measure the bluetooth latency by comparing my audio and visual response times. This doesn't seem to be the case, my response times are all over the place.

Likely I'll keep toying with how to measure this, maybe some fancy apparatus that records the audio my headphones hear?

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