Blog Post Series

Rust Synthesizer (end of 2016, will go into 2017)

I’m attempting to create a simple synthesizer from scratch in Rust. These posts are written assuming some basic systems programming knowledge, but no understanding of realtime programming or audio should be needed. I will not explain all of the details needed to implement your own synth from scratch, but I will litter each post links to additional information.

  • Audio programming 101
    • Defines digital audio and types of audio applications
    • Discusses some of the nuances of digital audio programming
  • “Garbage collection” for Rust Arc Pointers
    • Discussion about messaging between realtime and non-realtime threads
    • Walk through the construction of a “Garbage Collector” for blocks of memory which must be sent between threads.

Study groups simulation (2014)

An simulation exploring how large study groups should be.

  • Part 1 - Walks through the model for the simulation
  • Part 2 - Better simulation than the first post, slightly better conclusions